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JWM Architects in a Design/Build Collaboration with Kraner Builders offers this Modern Architectural gem. The design guidelines strictly adhere to Sustainable Design and Construction Principles starting with the low impact on the land. The design embraces the undulating contours of the land by floating the main structure on a flat plateau while allowing the garage and driveway to nestle into the hillside. Surrounding the house are native wild grasses and low water usage water plantings. The surrounding plantings are watered by roof harvesting system.

The highly energy efficient home is constructed utilizing spray foam insulation and advanced wood reduction framing techniques. A Geo-Thermal System is designed to heat and cool the home saving thousands of dollars in energy consumption while providing a draft free comfortable living environment. A Photovoltaic System is located on the southern facing garage roof providing free electrical power.

The exterior of the home is clad in modulated cement panels, which offers a low maintenance weather resistant barrier. Sustainable harvested teak siding complements the texture of the modulated panels. The metal roofing system provides a lifelong worry free resistant to the elements.

Water consumption has been minimized by the installation of low flow fixtures through out the home.

Cost:The cost of the constructed home, two sites are available, range from 1.5 million dollars to 2.0 million dollars.

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