About the Firm

JWM Architects LLC, with offices in Glastonbury Connecticut, has been providing services for architectural design since 1991. The firm has completed hundreds of diverse projects, with a concentration in exceptional residential design. Projects undertaken include renovations and new construction, from the smallest of rooms to grand estates. The firm offers comprehensive services from conceptual design through construction administration and interior design.

Founding principal John W. MacFarlane is a Connecticut Licensed Architect and holds a Bachelors of Architectural Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts. Construction Documentation is provided in Computer Aided Design Drafting (CAD) technology by an experienced team of design professionals.

JWM Architects offers every client the experience gained from a long history of successfully completed projects. We provide our clients with hands-on guidance throughout the process of the project from initial conception through project completion.

JWM Architects is committed to representing the best interests of our clients. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the best possible designs for the least amount of construction cost..

Contact our office for an explanation of the design process and its benefits.

Why Hire JWM Architects to Design Your Next Construction Project?
The following are some of the reasons and standards by which we practice architecture.

Site Design and Orientation
This is perhaps the most important aspect of the design process. Good design enhances the positive aspects of the site – scenic views and sun orientation while minimizing any negative aspects such as traffic noise or close proximity to neighbors.

Cost Savings Through a Complete Set of Documents
A complete and thorough set of construction documents allows for competitive bidding to obtain the best possible construction price, saves time during the construction process, and minimizes the “budget busting extras” often encountered in a building project..

Alternate Design Solutions
There are many possible design solutions to solving a building program. It is necessary to evaluate a number of solutions to feel confident that you are ultimately choosing the best one. JWM Architects provides alternate design solutions to examine other possible solutions, providing the client with the confidence that the design direction they select is the correct one.

Blending New Construction to Existing Construction
What is worse than an addition that looks like an addition? We believe good design dictates that an addition to a building is a logical extension that enhances the existing structure to create a composition that is greater than the sum of its parts..

Economic Design of Space
Bigger is not always better. It can be wasteful and costly to build. A well designed building is neither too big nor too small but tailored to the clients’ needs and required function.

Logical Method of Addressing Your Building Needs
Every building owner has individual needs and desires, whether it be spatial, budgetary or appearance oriented. At times, these factors can be very overwhelming to both the owner and builder. JWM Architects can provide the guidance to prioritize these factors so that the final product balances all the factors that come to bear upon a project.