JWM Architects employs a client-centered approach that strives to make the architectural design process open, communicative and enjoyable. We encourage interaction and feedback throughout the evolution of a design. This collaborative relationship between architect and client creates better building designs that are uniquely suited to the needs of each client.

Clients working with JWM Architects are presented with multiple design solutions, ensuring selection of the most appropriate design for the building program. JWM Architects maintains a probable cost estimate throughout the design process to keep the client aware of probable costs associated with a given design solution.

JWM’s liberal use of three-dimensional computer modeling provides the client with renderings and interactive ‘walk-throughs’ to better understand and visualize the proposed design. Thusly, clients are able to experience the building before it is even built, and move confidently into the construction process.

Design-Bid vs. Design-Build

In the standard architect/client relationship, the architect provides construction documents for competitive bidding by general contractors invited to bid.

Pros: Identifies the prevailing market price for construction from a list of available bidders. Qualifying a lower bid represents significant savings and a good construction value.

Cons: The two most significant factors in a construction project, schedule and cost, are unknown until the project is bid and a contract awarded. Until that time, probable cost estimates based on similar active projects are utilized.