This dream home is located in a small community in the southern section of Glastonbury. The primary design goal was to create gracious living spaces while taking advantage of the natural attributes of the site.
The living areas of the home comprise a total of 6,682 square feet. Dividing the space into three floors allowed for stepping the structure along the natural contours of the land, maximizing southern exposure and views. An L-shape defines the floor plan, with all main rooms located on the western side allowing views of the Hartford skyline. The enclosing courtyard of the L creates a protected space for a swimming pool that looks out over an expansive lawn.
The aesthetics of the house design are rooted in two North American architectural building types: The Colorado Lodge and the New England country home. Exposed oak gable beams and soaring roof lines recall a mountain lodge, while the stepped massing, cedar shingles, and wide trim boards lend a New England sensibility.