The additions and renovations to this 1980’s Colonial home were designed to blend in with the existing exterior design and neighborhood yet bring a more modern,open feel to the interior.

The minimal addition of only 417 s.f. allowed the enlargement of the Kitchen,
Dining, Mud Room and Laundry areas. The limited addition of 6’-6” to the Kitchen and Dining areas transformed these spaces from the dark interiors of the 80’s to a sunlit filled modern living space.

The Mud Room and Laundry areas were renovated so that each would have its own
designated space for transition between the Main House and Garage. One bay of
the existing Garage was used for these new areas. A single bay addition was
added to maintain a two car GarageThe entire house was resided with cement clapboards and all windows were replaced. The new accent stone was matched to the existing stone. A new curved front entryway was added over the front door to create an eye appealing shape announcing the main entrance to a visitor.