The new home, soon to be under construction is located on a rear lot on Main Street in Glastonbury.   Targeting zero energy consumption has been a prime focus of the design.

The two story structure will be constructed from poured in place “Thermomass” products, which consist of the majority of the exterior wall material. The 12″ thick wall has two wyths of 4″ concrete with a sandwiched 4″ wyth of ridge insulation providing a thermal break and a concrete mass on the interior.  Once the building is up to heat, or cool, the space will retain that temperature far easier than conventional building products.  Due to the construction type, infiltration will be none existent through the walls.

Additional, to combat infiltration and provide a continuous insulation envelope, the ceiling structures have been designed to allow for a  3 1/2″ void  for all electrical needs below the insulated envelope.  Triple glazed European windows having a “U” value of  .17 provide the needed fenestration.

A ground source Geo-thermal system will provide the needed heating and cooling of the building.  Photovoltaic panels will be located on the vast southern roof area.