Mittelman Transformation

The owners, after unsuccessfully searching for an acceptable new home, decided to transform their 1960’s colonial home into their dream home.

As with many West Hartford lots, development of additional floor area is very difficult due to the small sites. Two areas of development potential were explored. The first was the second floor expansion of two children bedrooms over a new covered porch. The covered porch not only provided a place to sit and converse with the neighbors on their daily walks, but it offered the opportunity to create some architectural interest to the aesthetically starved home. The second area of development was to create a sunroom that serves as an indoor/outdoor space. The sunroom saddles up to the rear of the home and opens up to the existing kitchen. A light cupola with electrical operating windows allows the sun to penetrate the homes interior while creating an induction for natural air flow. The mass and location of the new sunroom structure defines the boundaries of the existing pool while providing a privacy buffer from the neighboring house. An attached pergola further enhances the indoor/outdoor theme. The new exterior aesthetic is reminiscent of a Nantucket style home with its multi-gabled roofs, covered porches, oversized columns, large accent trim and stonewalls. A natural color palette of browns and greys complete the exterior transformation.