As part of the family compound, the renovations of the waterfront home consisted of a multi-phased design and construction project. The original home, built in 1960 was renovated by the homeowner in the 80’s, which largely consisted of adding a third floor to the existing home. The current renovations significantly upgraded and expanded upon the earlier renovations.

Phase One consisted of the complete gutting of the first floor and converting the existing waterfront covered porch into living area. All first-floor living areas including; kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining room and study were completely gutted and renewed with new materials and new floor layouts.

The water facing exterior envelope was completely removed and replaced with floor to ceiling fenestration offering an unobstructed vista of Long Island Sound.

Phase Two consisted of the complete gutting of the second floor, which included the master bedroom, two bedrooms and bathroom. The continuation of the floor ceiling waterfront glazing occurred once again in the master suite. A renewed second floor deck connects the master suite to the salty air and the ocean sounds.

A local metal craftsman created a mono-stringer three story stainless stair system, which floats in the “U” shaped stair replacing an outdated oak stair system.